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Hello and welcome to now create your future my name is Liz Cashmore. I am the creator of this web site! I have been in the field of personal and spiritual development for over twenty years now, and love nothing better than watching clients growing and learning about how to be more proactive instead of reactive to events that happen to them and around them. I feel this gives each client a sense of inner power and more control over their own destiny. After all we all like to feel safe and significant in our world. I feel this is our birthright!

By investing in personal development such as goal setting, we move forward in new and exciting ways, that keep us focused on what we truly want, or if you like, who we aspire to become. This is why I put together now create your future, to help you to aim for your goals, not spend your life trying to hit a moving target, not really knowing where your life is off to next! That's not living its drifting about like a boat that has lost its moorings.

In the past that's how my life was. Now create your future is the best thing I have ever done, I put it together originally to help me. It saved me from my old life, which I am not going to bore you with now, only to say I am very happy I did not sink any lower! My life was not in my control. Doing now create your future has been a very positive experience, I have learned so much about myself that I really did not have a clue about before.

Now create your future is an amazing tool because it has shown me my journey. Please let it show you yours. Now I am really enjoying setting my goals big and small, this feels so good especially when I achieve my goals. I hope you enjoy your journey and map out a wonderful life for yourself and your loved ones. Goal setting is the first step to steering your life to where you want to be, what you want to do in life, and what you want to have in your life. Have fun with setting goals, they plant the seeds for your future!

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